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Business Acumen Training and Development

Buy Low, Sell High..... and Know Why!

Phil Young - Corporate Education Consultant

I teach courses in business acumen all over the world for a wide variety of leading global companies. I specialize in teaching finance to non-financial managers and professionals. My courses also cover topics in strategy and marketing.

I use a business simulation as an important part of the courses that I teach. This original simulation is based on a composite of the dozens of companies that I have worked with over the past 30 years.

Recently, I developed an innovative, Self-directed course in Business Acumen involving the use of mp3 files and a workbook. This course can also be combined with webinars or traditional classroom seminars. Companies such as IBM, Booz Consulting, ADP and Red Bull have used this self-directed course in their leadership development and general training programs. They have found this course to be a high-quality and cost-effective way of delivering business acumen training. Their learners have found the content to be practical and engaging and its format to be flexible and highly mobile.

  • Seminars and Webinars

    Phil Young Webinars

    My most popular course offering is finance for non-financial managers. This material can presented as a generic format or it can be customized for specific client requirements. I also offer a "MicroMBA" course that covers the essential concepts and tools of analysis in finance, accounting, strategy, and marketing. This course can be presented in a three, four or five-day format. My course content can also be delivered via webinars. These webinars are particularly effective when used with my self-directed course on Business Acumen.

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  • Beacon Business Simulation

    Business Simulation Exercise

    This is an original simulation exercise based on my years of experience working with many companies in a wide variety of industries around the world. It is an interactive, computer-based business simulation designed to give participants a chance to practice the concepts and tools of analysis taught in courses on finance, accounting, strategy, team-building and leadership.

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  • Business Acumen: Your Key to Success

    Business Acumen Training

    This is an innovative, self-directed course consisting of 21 modules on all the topics covered in my one or two-day classroom seminars on finance for non-financial managers and professionals. Each module consists of short, 8-10 minute audios in an mp3 format complemented by a workbook. Download a sample module.

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Business Acumen: Your Key to Success