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Business Financial Acumen Course

Business Acumen Course with Audio and Workbook

Business Acumen: Your Key to Success

This course provides professionals, managers and executives with key concepts and tools of analysis in accounting and finance that will enhance their job performance and enable them to interact comfortably and effectively with accounting and finance professionals and senior leaders.

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  • 21 audio casts (radio show format)
  • 1 Workbook (151 pages)
  • Business Simulation (computer based)


  • Understand the meaning and significance of key financial indicators such as Return on Equity
  • Use financial analysis to maintain fiscal discipline and to make sound business decisions
  • Recognize revenue and profit potential in business opportunities
  • Manage a business' overall financial performance (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement)

Target Audience

  • High potential employees who are being prepared for their first management role
  • First line and middle managers
  • Executives who need a refresher on business acumen
  • Individual contributors who need to improve their business acumen


Each module can be completed in 25-30 minutes.


Learning Burst Approach using audios, a workbook and a case study provides a complete, self-directed course. Organizations might also consider combining this material with a virtual class

A virtual class consists of three 60ÔÇÉminute webcasts (number and length of webcasts are adjustable, depending on learner requirements). Between sessions, participants cover their assigned Learning Burst topics.