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Self-Directed Learning

"Business Acumen: Your Key to Success" consists of 21 modules of key topics in finance and accounting o that deliver valuable knowledge at the time you want it, when you want it.  Each course module consists of an 8-10 minute audio segment and several pages of supporting material in a workbook format.  This makes it an ideal mobile learning approach. In the Business Acumen course, here are sample of the terms and topics covered in this course:  asset-light approach, working capital management, fixed cost and operating leverage, financial ratio analysis, market value, shareholder value, the budget process, and the analysis of cost variances.

Self Directed Learning Module

This innovative approach to effective self-directed learning provides learners with:

MOBILITY : Audio files can be stored and used with any device that handles mp3 files. There is no need to be tied to a PC as is the case of a typical online "eLearning" program.

FLEXIBILITY and FOCUS : Pick the topics in a sequence or grouping in a way that meets your learning needs.

CONVENIENCE : The workbook accompanying the audio files is provided as a PDF, giving learners the convenience of easily printing out whatever material they need. There is no need to spend time printing out screen shots one-by-one, as is usually the case in online, eLearning programs.