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  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Staff
  • MicroMBA Program

Following are topics typically covered in my one or two-day business seminars in Finance for Non-Financial Managers and Staff

The material can be customized for specific client needs.

  • Introduction
    • The financial goals of a firm
    • The economics of a business and the consequences of changes in customers, technology and competition
    • The financial dimensions of a business
  • Basic Concepts in Accounting and Finance
    • Fundamental concepts (e.g. accrual accounting, depreciation)
    • Elements of the Balance Sheet
    • Analyzing the Balance Sheet:
    • Elements of the Income Statement
    • Analyzing the Income Statement
  • Putting It All Together: Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Profitability
    • Activity
    • Liquidity
    • Leverage
    • DuPont or ROA Model
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Difference between accrued profit and cash flow
    • The operating cash flow cycle
    • Management of working capital
  • Tools of Financial Analysis
    • Cost-volume-profit analysis (also called break-even analysis)
    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

MicroMBA Program

This training program covers the above material as well as topics in strategy and finance. It can be run over three, four or five days. For further details, download this brochure.